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Motels reimagined: what you can expect during your motel room stay in 2019

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Many years ago, motel accommodations were the original concept behind modern luxury hotels. Indeed, motels introduced the idea of giving travellers a comfort haven while they were away from home.

Private rooms, continental breakfasts and easy access to surrounding areas fuelled growth in the motel sector. However, there came a time when motels turned into 'dark areas'—deemed only fit for people on a budget. Over the past few years, motels have been making a steady resurgence. Their small community-like feel and prime locations make them exciting options for travellers in 2019.

So what can you expect when you book a motel room this year?

1. A special-themed premises

One of the first things you'll notice (and love) is that most new motels have a specific theme. They tend to take after the local vibe and enhance this experience for customers. For example, a motel near the beach is likely to have colourful floors and walls, tropical fixtures and vintage furniture. On the other hand, a motel in the hillsides is likely to have darker, artsy imagery, oil-based paintings and unique lighting fixtures. Barbecues and bonfires may also enhance your evening experience during your stay.

These special themes give the motel its place in history, as well as adding legitimacy to your stay. It's also an excellent opportunity to take pictures and V-logs about your trip.

2. Newly renovated amenities

The trend in 2019 and beyond is shifting towards providing more amenities for guests to enjoy. Still paying a competitive price, you'll be able to access a refreshing swimming pool, an on-site bar and restaurant and even a massage parlour.

And because most motels are smaller than other accommodation areas, you won't have to wait in line for a rejuvenating massage (neither will you have to share the pool area with dozens of other guests).

 3. Stylish rooms

There would be no need to talk about motel improvements if the rooms weren't getting better. Not only are room sizes increasing, but motels are also introducing furniture inside rooms (couches, tables and chairs), along with bigger windows for natural lighting.

The bathrooms are also getting better. You can expect new showerheads with advanced temperature control and frameless glass shower screens. With improvements to guest rooms, motels are competing with larger hotel chains.  

4. Evening activities

In the past, all you could do at a motel is eat and sleep. But in 2019, you can also enjoy a drink at the bar, a themed dinner at an in-house restaurant and a bonfire on the motel grounds. In other words, you don't need to go out looking for fast food in nearby locations.