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How To Choose A Wedding Venue

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Finding a suitable wedding venue can be pretty challenging. This is especially so since you have to accommodate the needs and preferences of your partner and your guests. Nevertheless, the tips in this blog should help you find a wedding venue. 

Start by deciding where you will hold the wedding. The golden rule is ensuring the venue is accessible to your guests. Ideally, they should not experience problems locating the venue. Otherwise, they will arrive late and leave early in a rush to get home. An ideal wedding venue must be beautiful. Remember, you will have a photographer to document the whole day. Your guests will also want to take pictures to remind them of your big day. Therefore, consider venues with waterfronts, lush gardens, beaches or landscapes.

You may be conflicted between indoor and outdoor venues. Each venue has its advantages and downsides. Therefore, you must conduct a comparative analysis to establish the venue that best suits your needs. Indoor venues protect you from harsh weather. However, they may not be your best choice if you are unsure about the number of guests attending the event. On the other hand, outdoor venues allow you to take advantage of the natural environment. Nevertheless, they may not be your best choice if you expect rain or storms on the wedding day. 

Once you find a suitable wedding venue, contact management and inquire about the conditions of using the venue. Some concerns may include:

  • What services does the facility offer? For instance, some venues provide tents, lighting, décor, chairs and catering.
  • Are you compelled to use the in-house services? It is a concern if you prefer working with independent service providers. If you are allowed to bring in your own team, does the facility impose an extra charge?
  • Examine the venue's availability. For instance, you might want the wedding planning team to set up shop overnight as they supervise the erection of tents, test the sound and lighting and install décor.
  • Does the venue have noise restrictions? It is challenging to contain wedding ceremonies since guests are in a party mood.
  • What are the client's obligations? For instance, management could expect you to clean up the venue after the event.
  • Does the facility have essential amenities such as backup power, adequate parking and accommodation facilities? This helps reduce the stress of ensuring the comfort of your guests.

You should also check whether the venue is reasonably priced. If not, negotiate strategically. For instance, you could opt out of some services or pit the venue's pricing against its competition.

For more information, contact a local exclusive wedding venue.