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The questions you should ask before booking a wedding venue

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Your wedding day should be the most important day of your life. To make this dream a reality, a lot of meticulous planning and strategizing is required. Most people rush to choose a gown and hire a planner, and completely undermine the importance of picking and booking an ideal wedding venue. Before you get into the other details of planning your wedding, you need to ask the following questions which most people overlook, but end up creating problems.

What does the rental fee and catering package include?

When renting a venue such as a hotel for the reception, it is normal to expect that items such as chairs, tables and linen will be part of the deal. However, in some cases, this is not the norm. Ask the venue managers if you will be needed to pay a fee to use additional items to be used in the wedding. Ask this question to the venue sales staff before signing the agreement to avoid getting a larger bill than you anticipated. You should figure out if the extra costs will have an effect on your wedding budget before making the choice.

Is it possible to get the cake from another caterer?

Before booking the venue, check whether the cake is part of their catering package. If you still feel that you want to go to a specific person for the cake, ask the venue whether they will be charging a cake cutting fee. The cake cutting fee includes a few extras such as decorating the plates where the cake will be served and garnishing the cake.

How much decorating is allowed?

Everyone envisions what their wedding reception venue will look like. Maybe you are thinking about balloons, lanterns and chandeliers which need an elaborate hanging method. Most venues have very strict policies against the use of nails, staples and tape and this may make most of your decoration dreams close to impossible. Do not get a contract before you understand how much decorating you can do. Another alternative you may want to think of is getting a venue with natural beauty such as great landscaping, waterfalls and flower gardens.

Other things that you need to worry about with regards to the wedding venue include whether the venue has ample parking and if the venue will be hosting other events on the same day as your wedding. It is best to make sure that you book a venue when all these considerations have been made to avoid disappointment.