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2 Family-Friendly Holiday Ideas That Both Kids And Adults Will Enjoy

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Taking holidays is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They're a great way to take a well-deserved break from the stresses of daily life, have new experiences and explore a new part of the world. Before having children, your holidays were probably a wonderfully restive and relaxing experience during which you could seriously unwind. However, once you have kids, holidays are very different and will most likely be busier, more complex to organise and leave much less time for relaxing.

One of the key factors to having a successful and less stressful family holiday with your kids is making sure that you're realistic about your destination and accommodation. A holiday such as a backpacking trip around the beaches of Thailand or a sophisticated city break with lots of fine dining restaurants and art galleries are great for childfree couples but can be a logistical and stress-inducing nightmare with kids.

Here are two family-friendly holiday ideas that will be great for both you and your kids. They combine plenty of options for entertaining the kids and allow much-needed downtime for the adults.

1. A holiday park

Holiday parks are a hugely popular option for families. They provide a variety of accommodation options, from campsites--if you don't mind roughing it a bit--through to fully equipped and modern cabins. They generally have plenty of activities for kids, including pools, water parks, sporting areas and kids clubs.

There are holiday parks all around the country and most of them are located in popular tourist destinations. This means you'll be close by to plenty of out of park activities as well. If you're an animal lover and consider your dog to be one of the kids, many holiday parks also allow you bring along a well-behaved pooch.

2. A cruise

Cruises are another holiday option that's growing in popularity for family holidays. The all-inclusive price, which provides meals, drinks and entertainment, also make them a more cost-effective holiday than you might imagine. From a practical perspective, cruises also mean that your family can visit several different countries without needing to constantly change hotel rooms or organise travel.

Cruises are also fully geared towards a holiday that makes everyone happy. For kids, they have multiple swimming pools with waterslides, cinemas and kids' clubs that run through the day and in the evenings too. Adults can relax, enjoy a cocktail, have a massage or take in a cabaret show.